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9-Days Motorcycle Tour from Pattaya to Chiang Mai

Central Thailand Tour


9 Days 8 Nights

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Specific Tour

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English, Thai


Lots of great adventure riding on this tour with outstanding scenery and a full taste of much of what Thailand has to offer.
Riding highlights are the Pai to Chiang Mail route with over 750 curves and changes in elevation. Cultural experiences in Chiang Mai provide you an authentic taste of the old and the new in Thailand. Whilst offering you the opportunity to contrast the cities of Pattaya to Chiang Mai.
Pai simply delivers paradise, once a drop out for hippes and travellers and as such the town very much commands it’s own unique charm.
All tour members have their own private room on each of our night stops at a min 3*or 4* hotel.


Motorcycles available:

Honda CBR500
Kawasaki Versa 650
BMW 310 GS
Honda CRF 250

Available options at addition cost
BMW GS R1200 – 5000 Bht per day
BMW GS 800 – 2500 Bht per day

For us the safety of our customers is the utmost priority, hence, we give the riding gear complimentary; which included Helmets, Bluetooth, Gloves, Jackets, Pants, Boots and many more. All bikes come with phone holders and a USB charging port. Our guides have years of experience of riding across Thailand, they are well versed with the roads, terrain, and culture.

  1. Please check your motorcycle before leaving our service center. You are responsible for any damages and loss during the tour.
  2. The customer agrees to present a motorcycle security deposit, according to type of motorcycle or by cash or credit card upon hand-over of the motorcycle. In the absence of any damage to the motorcycle, its equipment or GPS upon its return, the full security deposit through credit card or any cash deposit will be returned in full.

Tour Calendar 2023

Jun 23 – 5th

Oct 23 – 2nd

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  • Unsurpassed pre-selected adventure road riding
  • Fantastic photo opportunities
  • Traveling through national parks
  • Visits to points of interest
  • Quality accommodation


Day 1 - Pattaya - Pak Chong Via Khao Yai National Park
Day 1 - Pattaya - Pak Chong Via Khao Yai National Park

Once all the paperwork and bike orientation is completed it’s time to mount up and hit the road. Our first destination is Thailand’s 3rd largest National Park at Khao Yai a journey of some 190 km through beautiful countryside to the park entrance.
A great excursion around this long-standing nature preserve, we get to view its stunning waterfalls the highlight of which is the 150m-tall Haew Narok. The park is home to a variety and diversity of wildlife, don’t be surprised to see elephants, bears, gibbons, hornbills and many other indiginous wildlife.

Our overnight hotel is close to the park, arriving late afternoon gives to you time freshen up and prepare for dinner.

Khao Yai National Park Our first destination is Thailand’s 3rd largest National Park at Khao Yhai a journey of some 190 km through beautiful countryside to the park entrance.
. The park is home to a variety and diversity of wildlife, don’t be surprised to see elephants, bears, gibbons, hornbills and many other indigenous wildlife.

Overnight Pak Chong

Day 2 - Pak Chong – Phetchabun
Day 2 - Pak Chong – Phetchabun

After breakfast a quick pack and then we hit the road again for approximately 280km to Phetchabun Province in northern-central Thailand.
Phetchabun nestles in the Pa Sak River valley which sits between the two ranges of the Phetchabun Mountains and incorporates Si Thep Historical Park which contains the ruins of an ancient Khmer Empire city which showcases some magnificent sculptures. Khao Kho National Park in the northwest, benefits from a cooler climate because of forested mountains and many streams and waterfalls. Lots of great twists and curves to enjoy as we head to our overnight hotel and dinner.

Overnight Phetchabun

Day 3 - Phetchabun – Phitsanulok
Day 3 - Phetchabun – Phitsanulok

We will be soaring amongst the clouds today. Post breakfast we make the short 97km journey to our first stop at Phu Tub Berk which is the tallest mountain in the province standing at almost 1,800 meters. Great loops and curves and changes in elevation to be experienced as we ascend. During our climb you will start to feel the cooler air as the ambient temperature drop.
This mountain is a renowned agricultural center it´s agriculture and fruit due to its temperate climate.

Lunch break sees us visit the temple commonly known as the 5 Buddahs at Khao kho which offers one of the best photo opportunities of the tour.

More twists and curves, as we head W on route 12 to our overnight stop at Phitsanulok.

Day 4 - Phitsanulok – Mae Sot
Day 4 - Phitsanulok – Mae Sot

Post breakfast sees the tour head West as we make our 90 min journey to the historical park at Sukhothai, once the capital of the great regional Khemer empire. The park offers a unique insight into the history of Thailand. Lunch is taken riverside in the city of Tak as we make our way further West to our overnight accommodation at Mae Sot via Route 12. Route 12 is among the favorite roads ridden in Thailand with its endless fast curves and changes in elevation.

Overnight in Mae Sot

Day 5 - Mae Sot to Mae Sariang
Day 5 - Mae Sot to Mae Sariang

Post breakfast sees the tour get access to one of the best motorcycling roads in Thailand namely route 105 which can best be described as motor cycling Nirvana. On route the tour takes a short stop to visit the Mae Usu cave complex. Dependent upon the water level it´s possible to walk deep into the caves which amplifies the underground caving experience.

Post lunch the great road continues as we continue North, mid-afternoon coffee at a famous motor cycle road side venue sees the tour head to our overnight riverside accommodation in Mae Sariang

Day 6 - Mae Sariang to Pai
Day 6  - Mae Sariang to Pai

The mornings and evenings are now becoming noticeably cooler as we continue North. Almost immediately after departing our overnight accommodation we enter the Mae Hon Son loop famous for its 1864 curves. Post coffee late morning sees the tour visit a Karen tribal village commonly known internationally as the Long neck people. Access to the village is via a short long boat journey.

Lunch is taken at one of the many spectacular view points en-route to Pai.

We arrive Pai mid to late afternoon which gives the tour party a chance to take a dip in the pool or chill out before beginning to discover the fascinating town of Pai at night as we arrange dinner in one of the best restaurants in town..

Day 7 - Rest Day Pai
Day 7 - Rest Day Pai

Having been on the road for several days we take this opportunity to have a day of the bikes to explore Pai and its surrounding area which is renown for its hot springs and natural beauty. A must for all hippies and back packers alike who visit Thailand. Pai has a unique and diverse feel to it. Lots of excursions are available to undertake ranging from white water rafting, sight seeing plus trekking and National parks.

Day 8 - Pai - Chiang Mai
Day 8 - Pai - Chiang Mai

Suitably rested the tour continues on the Mae Hon Son loop route 1095. During our journey South towards Chiang mai the tour takes time out to visit the Maerim Elephant sanctuary where itś possible to observe and interact with the elephants in an environment that is beneficial to the welfare of the elephants
Post lunch and couple of points of interest sees the tour arrive at our overnight accommodation in Chiang Mai.

Day 9 - Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep
Day 9 - Chiang Mai – Doi Suthep

Post breakfast we take the opportunity to visit to one of the oldest and most revered temples in Thailand Dot Suthep which dates back to the 14th century. Lunch and coffee stops will be factored into our route.

14.00 hrs sees the tour return to Chiang Mai where we undertake a tour debrief.

Post debrief see the tour disband where we will transport tour members to the airport for their ongoing journey or additionally to further accommodation should they require an additional stopover period in Chiang Mai.


  • Motorcycle
  • Gas
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Soft Drinks
  • Carefully selected Hotel 3/4 Stars
  • All Riding gear (Helmets Bluetooth, Gloves, Jackets, Pants, Boots)
  • Third party liability insurance for motorcycles
  • Tour Guide, TAT licensed
  • Chase vehicle with spare Motorcycle
  • 2 Free T-shirt (Big Bike Touring Co and Pattaya off Road)
  • Airport Services Pickup/Return for Groups 4 or more
  • All entrance fees to Historic Sites and National Parks
  • TAT insurance
  • All services not mentioned as included
  • Any Hotel Additional Services
  • Motorcycle Health Insurance @ $3/day
  • Alcohol
  • Airfare
  • Visa


9 Days

Tour's Location

Central Thailand Tour


Do I have health insurance while on tour?
Our motorcycles are fully covered by third party insurance, however we strongly recommend that you have your own health insurance in place before you arrive in Thailand. Make sure it covers you for Motorbike riding activities.
Do I need an International driving license?
Yes, you must have obtained your own country’s International driving license before your tour begins.
Do I have my own room or do I have to share?
You do not have to share, every rider has their own private room.
Can I bring my partner on tour?
Yes, of course, obviously there will be additional fees.
What happens if my bike breaks down on tour?
Our following support/recovery truck carries a spare bike so you will be swiftly back on the road.
How much luggage shall I bring?
When touring it is always best to travel as light as possible, we have 40 litre waterproof bags which stay on our support truck on extensive tours. All bikes have side panniers for additional storage.
When should we arrive before the tour begins?
If you’re flying from overseas, we suggest you arrive a few days before the tour to help you shake off any ill effects of jet lag.
What kind of food should we expect on the tour?
They serve breakfast at the hotel and this normally comprises several options. Lunch is a light roadside lunch, for dinner options we always endeavor to find a restaurant that offers both Thai and International cuisine.
When riding, do you have to follow the tour guide?
Yes, this is mandatory on our tours, for safety and time keeping. We operate a lead and last policy, each rider will take turns to be the ‘sweeper’ bike at the rear of the pack and notify the lead guide bike of any problems/issues.


Based on 15 reviews
Very Good


I could tell from the...

I could tell from the moment I opened 8 Days Thailand's website that this was a company with extensive knowledge of motorbiking tours in Asia. The site made it easy for me to research every possible route and country, as well as find all the information about accommodation included on each tour. I knew they were a great choice again when I planned another one just recently.


I'm always looking for...

I'm always looking for new opportunities to experience the world. I've been motorbike touring in over 9 countries and have an extensive knowledge of different forms of transportation. When my friend told me about 8 Days Thailand, it was a no-brainer that we would be booking this trip together! The website provides all necessary information from itineraries to safety tips and even has recommendations on what you should pack - not many other travel companies offer such complete services!


I was looking for a...

I was looking for a trip that would introduce me to the Thai culture, not just the tourist sites. I wanted to discover everyday life of the people I would be riding with. This trip was exactly what I was looking for. It was an amazing experience! Rising the Suzuki was super cool and our guide opening the roads was driving really well and safe. Recommended.


I will start by saying...

I will start by saying I am a big fan of motorbiking and have been on over 17 tours in the last 10 years from Europe to Asia and South America. I was planning this trip for a year and a half, researching every possible route and multiple countries until I came across 8 Days Thailand. The website was well presented, complete with all the information anyone would need however I was sceptical because the price tag was about half of what other tour companies were offering.
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I never imagined that...

I never imagined that an 8 day trip could feel like a 2 week holiday! But the team manager war right. The region is so diverse and beautiful, it has everything you could ever want to see in Thailand.


I have been on a 250cc...

I have been on a 250cc tour of Thailand with my girlfriend on the back for the last month. I will tell you, we have seen so many new places and experiences, never would we have been able to see all of this without your tours. We are very grateful to you and your team for making this happen for us!!!


It is hard to decide

It is hard to decide what our favorite part of our trip was, for some was the BMW gs, for some was the Kawasaki, but for me it would have to be the long ride from Pai to Chiang Mai. It was a long day in the saddle, and the scenery was beautiful. Also I really enjoyed our night in Chiang Mai and our day out at Khao Yai National Park. We saw a lot of wildlife including many different species of birds, monkeys.
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When I think of Thailand...

When I think of Thailand, [[Chiang Mai]] is where I want to be. It has a laid back feel, and the people are some of the friendliest I've ever met. There's a reason that [[Chiang Mai]] is nicknamed 'the Rose of the North'.


I couldn’t resist the urge...

I couldn’t resist the urge to jump on a motorcycle and take off into Thailand. The feeling of driving through unknown territory was exhilarating as I saw things that were not in any guide books or maps! And then there is everything else you see: stunning views, other motorcyclists with their own unique style, small villages without tourists, etc. The best parts for me were Phu Tub Berk and the famous Mae Hong Son Loop


I had always wanted to...

I had always wanted to go on a motorcycle trip before. I was never able to find the right opportunity until my best friend invited me over for dinner and said he knew just where we should ride! The first stop of our journey took us through winding roads that led into an area with stunning scenery and unknown corners. It's like seeing Thailand from behind-the-scenes or as if you were there in person, having all your senses engaged at once without any distractions. We kept riding past villages, rice paddies dotting every inch of land imaginable; it felt surreal how quickly everything changed after crossing one border but familiar enough so that we didn't feel out place among locals who smiled back at us when they saw what must have been excitement written across
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Anthony J.

I have been on some...

I have been on some long motorcycle trips before but none like this. It was the best ride of my life and I am not exaggerating! This scenery is stunning, something that will blow your mind every second you see it. And when we found out about a part of Thailand no one else knew about - well let's just say there are still goosebumps running up and down my spine as I write this now because all these feelings haven't faded yet! The best thing? Well, how does seeing everything unseen sound to you? That's exactly what happening here so think again if someone told you they saw more than me in their travel guide books...
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I have been on some long

I have been on some long motorcycle trips before but none like this. It was the best ride of my life. The scenery was stunning and I felt as though I had just discovered a part of Thailand that no one else knew about! The best thing about the trip is that you get to see all the things that are not usually included in the normal guide books.

Jason Z.

We rode over to Chiang Mai...

We rode over to Chiang Mai and Pai. I loved Chiang Mai. The people are so nice there. We ate at this little restaurant and the owner told us about the bike event that happened in May every year called the "Moon Festival". It was very cool, it was a party, with live music, fireworks, and tons of food. We will be back again.


We had an amazing time...

We had an amazing time in Thailand! The 8 days long way round Chiang Mai was a great way to experience the north eastern part of Thailand. We loved the variety of cultural experiences, from Pai (where we met some dear friends) to Chiang Mai, and the riding experiences were pretty awesome too.

Paul and Mark

This is an absolutely fantastic...

This is an absolutely fantastic experience of riding from Pai to Chiang Mai and I have no hesitation in recommending it as a must read for any motorcycling adventure enthusiast.
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