Do you offer tours all year round?
Yes, we ride 365 days a year. Weather wise the best time of year for tours would be Oct to March.
Do I have health insurance while on tour?
Our motorcycles are fully covered by third party insurance, however we strongly recommend that you have your own health insurance in place before you arrive in Thailand. Make sure it covers you for Motorbike riding activities. https://csmltd.com/medical/motorcycle-touring-medical-insurance
Do I need an International driving license?
Yes, you must have obtained your own country’s International driving license before your tour begins. If you don’t have a International driving license, you can apply with https://us.yesexplorerclub.com/Navigating-International-Roads?utm_term=international%20driving%20 for you here and have ready within 2 hrs Cost $79 valid worldwide for 3 year from date of purchase
Do I have my own room or do I have to share?
You do not have to share, every rider has their own private room.
Can I bring my partner on tour?
Yes, of course, obviously there will be additional fees.
What happens if my bike breaks down on tour?
Our following support/recovery truck carries a spare bike so you will be swiftly back on the road.
How much luggage shall I bring?
When touring it is always best to travel as light as possible, we have 40 litre waterproof bags which stay on our support truck on extensive tours. All bikes have side panniers for additional storage.
When should we arrive before the tour begins?
If you’re flying from overseas, we suggest you arrive a few days before the tour to help you shake off any ill effects of jet lag.
Can I stay in Pattaya after the tour?
Yes, of course, and memories will be made. Your Pattaya hotel will not be part of your package, but we can offer recommendations and nightlife experience advice.
Can I do a private tour?
No problem, but there are increased fee rates. Please ask for details
Is any part of the tour off-road?
No, we always stick to highways and roads as much as possible. However, sometimes in Thailand road construction areas can be akin to “off roading” this will however be over a short distance.
What pace do you go on tour?
We go out at your pace. If you want to slow things down or quicken the pace, just let us know.
What kind of food should we expect on the tour?
They serve breakfast at the hotel and this normally comprises several options. Lunch is a light roadside lunch, for dinner options we always endeavor to find a restaurant that offers both Thai and International cuisine.
Can we stop for a beer or glass of wine during the day time tour?
No, we do not allow anybody to drink and drive.
What happens if we get stopped by the police while on tour.?
Please don’t worry about anything you may have read. We are 100% legal. There are occasional roadblocks conducted by the Police and the Army close to international borders, and our experienced tour guides deal with these.
When riding, do you have to follow the tour guide?
Yes, this is mandatory on our tours, for safety and time keeping. We operate a lead and last policy, each rider will take turns to be the ‘sweeper’ bike at the rear of the pack and notify the lead guide bike of any problems/issues.
What kind of riding experience do I need to join Tour rides?
We welcome people of all abilities on the tour, but ideally you would have at least 5000 miles riding under your belt or have been riding at least 1 year. You should be able to keep a steady pace with the other riders as some days are longer than others and we require a good pace to reach our overnight accommodation.
How long will each day’s riding be?
This will vary depending on each tour and planned day’s route, some days will be longer than others, departure and arrival times could vary each day but on average we would look to set off at 8.30-9.00am and arrive at our hotel by 5.00-6.00pm. There will be rest stops and/or tourist attraction stops along the route.