Thailand a tropical natural wonder offers more than NightLife and white-sand beaches. Riding a motorcycle across Thailand is one of the least talked about experiences, yet it is more of a Divine experience for seasoned Riders across the world. Every year thousands of Motorcycle Riders flock to Thailand to scale the untamed destinations.  Here we have listed out a few of the reasons what brings these Riders to Thailand year after year.

Big Bike Tour Thailand

1. Connect with Nature in a more intimate way: 

Thailand is a tropical exotic country with different terrain and climatic conditions. You would ride through mountains, exotic forests, coastal landscapes, farmlands, national parks and big cities. In a single tour you come across the best nature has to offer, the raw beauty is simply breathtaking, and anyone can fall in love with it. You get to connect with the Nature like never before.

Thailand landcapes - Motorcycle tour

2. Experience the Tropical Climate

Thailand has a tropical climate in central & Southern Thailand, whereas in the North it is chilly and windy. You experience the best climate of the Tropical country and the chilly breeze of the northern mountains.

3.You get to experience a new and rich culture.

Thailand offers a great peek into Buddhism and its culture. When you ride in Thailand you get to visit multiple temples on the route. Each one spectacular and unique in its own way. With Big Bike Touring visit some of the architectural marvels in Thailand.

Thailand culture

4. Connect with locals and local way of living

Thai people are very warm and welcoming. When you ride leaving the urban life behind, you venture into rural Thailand, get to meet different natives of Thailand, experience different local cultures and their way of living. For instance, there are many Hill Tribes around Chiang Mai; Akha, Lahu, Karen, Mien/Yao, Lisu, and Palaung, each with a distinct language and culture. 

Thailand motorcycle tour - Hill tribe

5. Roadway infrastructure

Thailand Motorcycle tour

Thailand has well built and maintained National highways, state highways and local roads spread across the country connecting big, small towns & villages. Thailand roadway infrastructure is one of the best in South East Asia.


6. Affordability

Planning your biking trip in Thailand would be more economical than any other country. Thailand is a pocket friendly destination, you save much much more!!


7. Drive through National parks

There are 147 national parks in Thailand, each with its own character and providing visitors with unique sets of experiences. The best part is, most of the intercity connecting highways pass through these National Parks. You ride through some of the well preserved nature in Thailand. 

Thailand National Park with Big Bike Touring co

8. Amazing Street Food

One thing for sure, Thailand is the world’s street food capital. You ride through any city in Thailand, you can cherish and enjoy the delicious street food. With Big Bike Touring, you are set to taste some of the best streets in any destination, our guide will recommend the best dishes to try. Anyway to top it, all 3 meals are included in our itinerary.

9. Less Hassles of documentation

When you choose to Ride in Thailand with Big Bike Touring all you need is your passport & International driving license or International Driver’s Permit on your local license and you are all set to Ride across Thailand. 

10. Visa on Arrival

Thailand allows Visa on Arrival for travellers from across the world for 15 days (Please check Thai Embassy website for rules pertaining to your resident country). You can plan your Thailand Motorcycle tour anytime, even at a short notice.

11. Experience of a lifetime

Without a doubt this would be one of the best experiences of your life riding across Thailand, meeting new people, enjoying local culture and cuisine, visiting temples, gazing through the natural wonders of Thailand. You will carry back a huge cloud of memories that would be cherished life long. For certain; you will grow spiritually from the rich Thailand experience.

Thailand culture with Big Bike Touring co

Explore Beautiful alluring Thailand with Big Bike Touring Co. We are Tourism Authority of Thailand Licensed company with HQ in Pattaya, we are an Official BMW MOTORRAD PARTNER in South East Asia. We offer more than 13 different Motorcycle tours in Thailand.

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