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Full Day Motorcycle Tour from Pattaya

Central Thailand Tour


1 Day

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Single-Day Motorcycle Tour from Pattaya

If you just have a single day and want to experience a motorcycle tour in Pattaya, this is the ideal tour crafted for you. Ride with the Orginal Big Bike Touring co across Thailand, we offer the best in class motorcycle riding gear, the best accommodation, and offer expert guidance for every tour. We offer an official partner of BMW Motorrad in Thailand.

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours

Are you looking for a unique way to explore Thailand’s countryside? Look no further than the one-day motorcycle tour with Big Bike Touring Co. Based in Pattaya, this tour company offers riders the chance to explore some of Thailand’s most beautiful and scenic locations on a BMW Motorrad bike.

Experience Local Culture and Food

Start your day with a complimentary breakfast at the tour company’s office, where you will also receive a safety briefing and an overview of the day’s itinerary. As you ride through the countryside, you will have the opportunity to sample some of the best local food and experience Thai culture up close. Stop at a local market to browse the stalls and taste some delicious street food, or visit a local temple to learn about Buddhism and the Thai way of life.

Nature and Scenic Routes

The tour takes you through some of Thailand’s most beautiful landscapes, with breathtaking views of the mountains, lakes, and countryside. You will ride through the lush greenery of the Silver Lake vineyard, climb to the top of Big Buddha Mountain for panoramic views of the surrounding area, and visit the tranquil Dok Rai Lake. On the way, you will also ride through small villages and rural communities, giving you a glimpse of local life in Thailand.

Top-Quality Riding Gear and Bikes

Big Bike Touring Co. is the only BMW Motorrad partner in Thailand, meaning they offer the best quality riding gear and top maintained bikes. You can choose from a range of BMW Motorrad bikes, including the BMW R1200GS, BMW F800GS, and BMW F700GS. All bikes are fully serviced and maintained to the highest standards, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Important Landmarks and Landscapes

The tour also takes you past some of Thailand’s most iconic landmarks, including the impressive Big Buddha statue and the picturesque Silver Lake vineyard. You will ride along winding roads and scenic routes, taking in the stunning landscapes and beautiful scenery around you. With the help of GPS navigation, you can explore the countryside at your own pace and enjoy the ride without worrying about getting lost.

In conclusion, the one-day motorcycle tour with Big Bike Touring Co. is the perfect way to explore Thailand’s countryside and experience local culture and nature up close. With top-quality riding gear, GPS navigation, and the best maintained BMW Motorrad bikes, you can relax and enjoy the ride while taking in the stunning scenery around you. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore some of Thailand’s most beautiful and scenic locations. Book your tour today!

Motorcycles available for this tour

  • KAWASAKI Versys 650
  • SUZUKI 650 V Strom
  • HONDA CBR 500
  • HONDA CRF 250
  • BMW GS 310

Available options at additional cost
BMW GS R1200 – 5000 Bht per day
BMW GS 800 – 2500 Bht per day

Big Bike Touring is the official BMW Motorrad Partner in Thailand, we are the original Big Bike Touring operator with offices in Pattaya & Chiang Mai.

Motorcycles available:


    1. The customer is responsible for checking the motorcycle and all accessories for any damage before leaving our location.
    2. It’s the customer’s responsibility to bring the motorcycle and all accessories back to our location in the same condition as when your tour started.
    3. If any damage has been done to the motorcycle and any accessories the customer agrees to pay in full the said damage at 100% estimated cost.
    4. Security deposit detail the list below
    Type of bikes Security deposit
    Kawasaki, Honda, or Suzuki brand CASH DEPOSIT OF USD 1,000
    BMW (F800, 850 GS, R1200GSA, R1250 GS) CASH DEPOSIT OF USD 2,000


    5. USD40.00. – per day to cover the bike damages up to USD 3,000. The damages are over USD3,000. – will be the customer’s responsibility.

  1.  DisclaimerBy booking this tour, you with this acknowledge that you’re a competent and fully licensed motorcycle rider. Should the tour guide deem that you do not have the pre-requisite skill set or you’re riding in an unsafe manner that presents a danger to yourself or other road users. You acknowledge the company reserves the right to stop the tour with immediate effect without providing a refund of the same, any motorcycle insurance you have purchased with us will become NULL & VOID
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  • Unsurpassed pre-selected adventure road riding
  • Fantastic photo opportunities
  • Traveling through national parks
  • Visits to points of interest
  • Quality accommodation


Day 1 - Riding Around Pattaya
Day 1 - Riding Around Pattaya

Early morning sees a brief tour induction and motorcycle orientation undertaken at company HQ “Route 66 Pattaya”. Once completed it’s time to hit the road. Initially, the tour sweeps south, swiftly clearing the bustling city of Pattaya and out into the open countryside.
Our first stop is Silver Lake and the very famous Buddha Mountain for an introduction to local culture in addition to great photo opportunities.

Next the tour heads East to traverse Dok Rai lake. Having exited the lake we stop for a short coffee break in an open prison set out in stunning grounds which doubles as a coffee shop stop-open zoo completely manned by prison inmates who are at the end of their sentences.

Coffee stop over we head South to the coast via Ban Khai riding through picturesque mountains until we get to our lunch destination at the `ThreeTrees` restaurant which is situated directly on the beach adjacent to the Rayong coastal road.

Post lunch we refuel the bikes and swing North completing a loop through the Rayong province countryside which incorporates sweeping riding roads through rubber plantations and villages alike.

Late afternoon sees the tour return to HQ @ Route 66.

Tour Debrief

Tour dispands


  • Motorcycle
  • Gas
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Soft Drinks
  • Carefully selected Hotel 3/4 Stars
  • All Riding gear (Helmets Bluetooth, Gloves, Jackets, Pants, Boots)
  • Third party liability insurance for motorcycles
  • Tour Guide, TAT licensed
  • Chase vehicle with spare Motorcycle
  • 2 Free T-shirt (Big Bike Touring Co and Pattaya off Road)
  • Airport Services Pickup/Return for Groups 4 or more
  • All entrance fees to Historic Sites and National Parks
  • TAT insurance
  • All services not mentioned as included
  • Any Hotel Additional Services
  • Motorcycle Health Insurance @ $3/day
  • Alcohol
  • Airfare
  • Visa


1 Day

Tour's Location

Central Thailand Tour


Do I have health insurance while on tour?
Our motorcycles are fully covered by third party insurance, however we strongly recommend that you have your own health insurance in place before you arrive in Thailand. Make sure it covers you for Motorbike riding activities.
Do I need an International driving license?
Yes, you must have obtained your own country’s International driving license before your tour begins.
Do I have my own room or do I have to share?
You do not have to share, every rider has their own private room.
Can I bring my partner on tour?
Yes, of course, obviously there will be additional fees.
What happens if my bike breaks down on tour?
Our following support/recovery truck carries a spare bike so you will be swiftly back on the road.
How much luggage shall I bring?
When touring it is always best to travel as light as possible, we have 40 litre waterproof bags which stay on our support truck on extensive tours. All bikes have side panniers for additional storage.
When should we arrive before the tour begins?
If you’re flying from overseas, we suggest you arrive a few days before the tour to help you shake off any ill effects of jet lag.
What kind of food should we expect on the tour?
They serve breakfast at the hotel and this normally comprises several options. Lunch is a light roadside lunch, for dinner options we always endeavor to find a restaurant that offers both Thai and International cuisine.
When riding, do you have to follow the tour guide?
Yes, this is mandatory on our tours, for safety and time keeping. We operate a lead and last policy, each rider will take turns to be the ‘sweeper’ bike at the rear of the pack and notify the lead guide bike of any problems/issues.


Based on 14 reviews
Very Good


We really enjoyed this trip...

We really enjoyed this trip. The tour guide was very friendly and informative. We visited lots of places we wouldn't have otherwise seen on our own. It was great to ride the motorbikes on those roads, although you do need to be reasonably fit as the heat was really strong at times.


The trip was amazing.

The trip was amazing. The bike tour guide was great! We had an awesome time, we got to see a lot and be with the locals.


We went on the 1 day coastal...

We went on the 1 day coastal tour with motorbikes and guide. Our driver, Mr. Chai, was very friendly and knowledgeable. We got to see a lot of the city during the day and then took us to a nice seafood restaurant for lunch (the food was great!). After lunch we went to another viewpoint where we could get some nice photos of the area. Overall it was a fun day exploring the area and seeing some of the local culture.
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If you are interested in...

If you are interested in exploring the beautiful province of Chanthaburi, then this is the tour for you.


This is an amazing tour...

This is an amazing tour and the guides are very friendly and helpful. The tour was very well run and the places we went to were beautiful. A great way to spend a day off in Thailand and get some amazing ride at the same time.


We stopped at a local...

We stopped at a local restaurant for some lunch and then it was time to get back on the bikes and head up to the viewpoint just outside of Chanthaburi. The view was spectacular and I got some great photos! This was my fovourite part.


My favorite part would have...

My favorite part would have to be Phew Waterfalls National Park because it is so picturesque with all its lush vegetation surrounding you like an oasis from what seems otherwise barren landscape around us; there's no better way than ending up at these falls after exploring some primitive villages nearby where we learned about how their culture has endured centuries without any effect by modernization or Westernization...


This tour was one of...

This tour was one of the best that I have been on. There were lots of beautiful scenery and great food, especially fresh seafood! The big motorbikes are in such good condition and well maintained which makes this a very safe trip for visitors to take- they also had friendly guides who really want your visit to be as enjoyable as possible.


I loved the beauty of this...

I loved the beauty of this tour with all its magnificent scenery and delicious seafood. It was such a fun experience riding on these big motorbikes that were in great shape, driven by friendly guides who knew their way around! My favorite part about my trip to Thailand would have to be Phew Waterfalls National Park where we had so much time for exploring different waterfalls from close up or even going down into them with our guide as an expert rider.
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We have been on the back...

We have been on the back of a bike before but never driving and following a guide who knew the roads and could speak to us about the locals culture. Our guide was very friendly, relaxed and made sure we had a great time.


The tour was one of the best ...

The tour was one of the best that I have been on with lots of beautiful scenery and great food. (I loved the fresh seafood!) The big motorbikes were in such a good condition and well maintained, and the tour guides were very helpful and friendly, I would definitely recommend this tour to any other visitors! My best part was the Phew Waterfalls National Park!


Our day tour was amazing...

Our day tour was amazing and we had an awesome time. The guides were very friendly and engaging. We had a blast on the beach with them. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and exciting day trip from Pattaya.


This is a very fun ride...

This is a very fun ride that's perfect for the whole group. It will take you out of the city and into a beautiful tropical oasis with some amazing views and lots of photo opportunities.


My wife and I are...

My wife and I are a couple of Aussie motorbikers (self-confessed beer drinkers) who had a week in Thailand. We do not know much about bikes or the road rules. So we decided to hire big bikes from Santi's place, Santis big bike shop. We hired a BMW F800 GS big bike for the day and we went for this amazing costal route. The crew was very accommodating, kind and friendly but most of all honest. They recommended the best route.
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