We at the “Big Bike Motor Cycling Tours Co” believe in providing customers with as much choice as possible.  Feedback to date from our customers suggests that there is a need to provide the option of a self-guided tour.

Having taken on board said feedback we have produced a market-leading all-inclusive self-guided tour package that we feel will best serve the needs of all customers.

Our self-guided tour package gives full control to YOU the customer in all respects ranging from your choice of destinations, the ability to choose your own pace, choose the points of interest you especially want to visit, maybe you want to visit friends and family within the kingdom during your journey. The self-guided option also provides the customer with the choice to select the grade and type of hotel you wish to stay during your adventure.

Our ongoing commitment to excellence ensures we provide each customer with the choice of the latest model serviceable insured motor-cycles all fully kitted with panniers, top boxes, spotlights, and fall protection. We have several models available to choose from varying in both design type and CC. In addition, customers will be provided with a GPS to best plan and enact their routes or simply click on one of the many pre-planned routes stored.

Alternatively, if you choose not to have full autonomy over your tour we can provide you with our pre-planned tried and tested routes, choice of quality hotels of choice all of which provide a discounted quality room rate to our company.

Ultimately the road awaits and the choice of options is yours and yours alone.

Fully inclusive; (No extra cost)

Motorcycles available:
KAWASAKI Versys 650
SUZUKI 650 V Strom
BMW GS 310

Options (additional cost):


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